• Swim among starfishes in Dominican Republic

    estrellas de mar

    Swimming among starfish on Dominican Republic is one of the most exotic and joyful experiences you can live in this beautiful Caribbean country.

    There are many places in which the population of starfish allow bathers a very close contact with these echinoderms, close relatives of hedgehogs but will not harm human skin.

    However, the better ways to enjoy this wonderful and colorful experience, in the most responsible manner is getting closer to some of the best sites enabled, as is the case around Saona Island, and do it guided by specialists in packages and guided tours.

    Halconviajes.com is the perfect example; their guides will offer us a talk first so we know how to enjoy the experience of swimming among sea stars, and pet them without damaging them.

    These professionals give appropriate instructions to travelers so they know how to ‘live’ with this animal that, contrary to what many think, are not poisonous or cause any type of rash to whoever touches them.

    And be careful because starfishes are so delicate that if you don’t follow the advice of the guides you could harm them. At the end of the experience the stars should be back in the sea, which is their natural habitat and we can come back with the feeling of having lived a fascinating time.

    To get to Dominican Republic and live absolutely Caribbean moments as we have described, we can make it through the flights of Air Europa.

    CC Image: Flickr/space ritual

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    Ana Pérez
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