• Sports activities in Corralejo Dunes

    Dunas de Corralejo

    Let’s go to Fuerteventura, to release adrenaline and endorphins practicing several sports at one of the most important Protected Areas of Canary Islands: Corralejo Dunes.

    We have to approach the municipality of La Oliva and we will get to the largest dunes around the Canary Islands.

    Besides, Corralejo Dunes are not composed of sand. Actually, it’s a tank of tons of shells and exoskeletons of marine animals, pulverized by the erosive action of the sea and winds.

    Here in Fuerteventura, in a spectacular landscape with fascinating beaches, we have the opportunity to practice almost any outdoor sport.

    Of course is the ideal place to practice water sports, from catamaran rides or sailing till racing jet skis, snorkeling, diving, canoeing, kayaking, surfing, sup-paddle, fishing, windsurfing…

    But the chances of Corralejo Dunes do not stop there. The place is ideal for hiking, biking or quads drives. Magnificent golf courses facilitate the practice of this relaxing sport; there are also an interesting number of riding and tennis clubs.

    In addition, the terrain of Corralejo Dunes also serves as a stage for holding various professional sporting events, such as the International 1/2 Marathon, which is now in its issue number five; and various mountain bikes challenges with GPS.

    CC Image: Flickr/cortto

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