• May festivities in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

    Mayo chicharrero

    The month of May brings a lot of requirements to make the visit to Santa Cruz de Tenerife a unique experience. It’s time to celebrate one of their most important festivals, to which we have to add May Traditional Crosses and different celebrations due to the Founding of the City the 3 of May of 1494.

    If Santa Cruz de Tenerife is always amazing and colorful, this month’s agenda is tightened to house countless festivities, folk, cultural, for children’s, typical cuisine… It’s Santa Cruz May.

    Among so much to do, perhaps the three most characteristic celebrations of Tenerife are those that correspond to the Pilgrims Walk, the Magicians Dance and May Crosses, very peculiar in this area of ​​the Canary Islands.

    Magicians dance usually takes place on the eve of the anniversary of the founding of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, where ‘chicharreras’ and ‘chicharreros’ come wearing the typical regional costumes… called magicians costumes.

    It’s typical for those who go to the dance to bring dishes of Tenerife cuisine, prepared by themselves. Men and women, families and friends share food in one of the largest outdoor dining of the world that, in fact, was recognized by the Guinness Book as well, thanks to the 8,000 guests who attended it in 1999.

    A week after the Magicians Dance will take place the Pilgrims Walk, with the pilgrims riding in carts decorated for the occasion.

    The other time to enjoy the peculiar tints celebrations of Canary Islands is the tour of the May Crosses, exposed in different parts of the city made with food from the land, exotic fruits and breads. Quite spectacle of color and imagination!

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