• El Medano Beach, Tenerife

    El Médano

    El Medano is one of the largest natural beaches around Tenerife in the Canary Islands. Famous for the soundness of its coastline, El Medano is spectacular.

    A couple of kilometers of coastal terrain ideal for the enjoyment of anyone who appreciates the value of a real sea, seasoned with numerous coves and hidden beaches, small and precious, that invites the visitor to have intimate moments.

    The winds in El Medano are known all around the word and perhaps for this reason, most athletes do not hesitate to come with windsurfers to enjoy its waves.

    Sporting competitions in El Medano are very common. Besides the good weather, typical to the entire Canary Islands archipelago, we must not forget this value added for water sports, with some of the most valuable sporting events of international quality in modalities such as kitesurfing and windsurfing.

    Tenerife people are aware of the treasure that means for them this wonderful beach and care for it with all their strength. In fact, year after year, this piece of coastline gets a deserved European Union Blue Flag which guarantees the quality of its water and its sand.

    Walking around we recommend a visit to some of the largest volcanic craters in the area, both protected zones: Red Mountain and Bare Mountain.

    Creative Commons Image: aqueronte

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