• Canímar River: Cuban jungle landscape

    Paseo por el Río Canimar

    Spending a season in Cuba Matanzas province required us to schedule a ride on a little boat over the calm waters of Canímar River, a rushing stream that runs through the Cuban jungle landscape and brings us into direct contact with a nature less known from the Caribbean island.

    This natural area is easy to visit due to organized tours such as the ones of Halconviajes.com and Air Europa, especially because it leads us through some of the places and the history of Cuba less widespread and yet equally interesting.

    Canímar River allows navigations about 12 kilometers of the 19 of course to its mouth. The course of the ride is very comforting, because it has nothing to do with the seafaring image of the Caribbean. On the contrary, we are in a purely jungle scenery and enjoying the peace of navigation, we can spot some of the nearly 100 species of birds that live on both sides of Canímar River.

    They are not the only animals who sleep in this area, known for its wildlife, from endemic species to reptiles, manatees and numerous land mammals. But we’ll have time to hear the story, because the walk ends at Canímar River Resort, where specialists will explain all that curiosity could ask.

    In fact, during the tour we will have to go along with significant archaeology sites witnessing life from the Mesolithic and the burial place of the first primitive communities that inhabited the island.

    Truth is that in this area is located the oldest cemetery of Central America, where former Cuban natives were buried.

    Creative Commons Image: Flickr/Manu_H

    Ana Pérez
    Ana Pérez
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