• A look at Toledo trough Greco’s eyes

    Casa Museo El Greco

    From our headquarters in Hotel Be Live Talavera de la Reina, today we propose a very special trip to Toledo and, a vist to the Greco Museum must be ensured.

    To take a look at this area of one of the best preserved cities of Spain is a luxury, but if we also do it through the eyes of one of the most important mannerist painters of art history, the experience can be unique.

    Looking through Greco’s eyes does not mean that we have to see everything elongated, like the famous shade of the cypress. You know that Domenico Theotokopulos, best known as “Greco”, had a sight condition that was the cause of those elongated profiles in his figures providing them of a spiritual aura.

    It had nothing to do with the grace of the Holy Spirit, although Greco was quite religious and precisely this kind of painting occupied a primordial place in his production.

    We propose to wander across the rooms of Greco Museum, located on the foundations of a Toledo VI century house. In the facilities of this gallery, under Ministry of Culture of Spain jurisprudence, we shall initiate us into the mysteries of one of the most authentic and original painters of Spanish art.

    Some works have been donated, to be guarded in these facilities, by Prado Museum. Others have had to stay in the famous art gallery in Madrid, where they can keep them in top condition. Anyway, the visit to the Greco Museum will not disappoint you.

    Imagen: Flickr/Fiore S. Barbato

    Mar Santiago
    Mar Santiago
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