• Water Pipes: A Moroccan souvenir


    Common to half East continent, the origin isn’t really known but the habit of smoking snuff in those long water pipes, with metal nozzle applied to a long sleeve are also very typical in Morocco.

    The names are very varied, but perhaps shisha and narguile are the two denominations most widespread and there are many tourists who return home with a water pipe in their suitcase. A souvenir that since colonial times exercised a fascinating power on Westerners.

    There are several countries where the origin of the shisha can be a possibility, including India, Turkey and Egypt. In any case it is clear that the hookah spread throughout the Eastern world rather quickly.

    The first containers were made ​​from coconut shells and then, little by little, the fashion of styling the narguile became a must going to the point of making it many times as an art object intended for decoration, with laborious work done in crystals and precious metals, usually silver and gold.

    The move to the West came from the hand of Europeans who occupied Africa during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, with colonies and protectorates. They were responsible for bringing water pipes to Europe and from there, also departed to America.

    Any Moroccan souk will show us shelves and shelves of these objects, from the most mundane and affordable to the most elaborate and precious. Also, for those who like snuff, the experience of smoking a shisha in a Moroccan bar is also very popular among travelers.

    Creative Commons Image: Wiki/Deror avi

    Mar Santiago
    Mar Santiago
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