• Sineu Mallorcan market


    It is one of the most important markets of the Balearic Island. Sineu Mallorcan market is abuzz with lively din, shopkeepers and merchants, shoppers and artisans, food, dried meat, flowers, fruits, fishes… on a weekly appointment that has been celebrated since James II times.

    No wonder it is the best market in Mallorca, with an experience that dates back to its founding, opened nearly in the fourteenth century. Since then, the farmers of the region used to meet once a week to exchange their products, usually coming from agriculture and stockbreeding.

    Actually, it’s not so marked his peasant origin and with the passage of time and new customs, Sineu market has evolved into a meeting place for people from all over the island and an effective tourist attraction.

    In addition to walk through the central streets of the town, which for that day shows the entire colorful and splendor of a street market, we must take the chance and try some of the generous and most popular local cuisine offers. Indeed, especially for purists, taste ‘el frito’ and you will be eating one of the most famous dishes of the Balearic Islands and, of course, of Mallorca.

    Every Wednesday takes place Sineu market, with special interest in the first Sunday of May when, exceptionally, street stalls are taken to the street on the occasion of the Fair, the oldest of Mallorca and granted as a privilege by King Sancho in 1318.

    Creative Commons or Public Domain Image: Flickr/leo.laempel

    Mar Santiago
    Mar Santiago
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