• New website design: rediscover Be Live Hotels


    We are celebrating!  Today we launched our new website with a designed that will help our visitors to search for information both on destinations and hotels, and make online booking more easily.

    Now the website is much more visual as we have designed a system in which each
    hotel, offer and package is a card.

    The cards illustrate better the different hotel depicting each one of them with much more graphical detail. We have also improved the descriptions to enable you to read more easily.


    Everything has been simplified so as to make your life easier. Larger buttons and
    simplified actions, with clearer page views and structure, will help make the booking process more comfortable.

    Comfortable navigation ON touch screen devices, such as tablets. The buttons, menus and tabs are bigger and are inviting to the touch. Now you can explore each hotel with your fingertips.

    Visit our web, and let us know your impressions. 

    Be Live Hotels
    Be Live Hotels
    Be Live Hotels, marca de la división hotelera del grupo Globalia, la primera compañía turística de España.

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