• Fuerteventura: Imperative Nature


    On the shores of this stunning piece of land, declared Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, one might believe that can touch Africa. Just an inlet of 100 kilometers separates us from the black continent and Fuerteventura suggests the African proximity with a semi-desert striking landscape.

    We are at the second largest island in the Canary Islands Archipelago and only Tenerife takes out territory of the coastal profile with miles and miles of an extraordinary coastline of dream beaches and white sands.

    The turquoise waters, a color reserved for tropical paradises, imposes its fascinating counterpoint to the ‘majorero’ horizon and invites lovers of seamanship to have fun with all kinds of nautical sports.

    The climate is mild and temperate most of the year, moving in an arc that goes from 15 º C in winter to 25 º C of average in summer, with guaranteed sunshine and more than a Saharan touch that gets, between whitewashed houses, that stones achieve more than 65 ° C.

    In Fuerteventura there is time for everything. Visit a museum, like Miguel de Unamuno one, in the house where he was exiled for a time; have family fun at one of the natural or theme parks; have a few drinks on bars that ensures vibrant nightlife times; make some culinary tourism and try their wonderful local cheese names ‘majorero’; have some horseback riding through the magnificent geography islands; take a boat for whale watching…

    The offer in Fuerteventura is varied and enjoyable, but once we reached the island thanks to Air Europa, it is best to leave everything in hands of Halconviajes.com and their guided tours.

    Creative Commons Image: Flickr/alexhealing

    Ana Pérez
    Ana Pérez
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