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    El faro a Colón

    In the eastern part of the capital of Dominica Republic stands a monumental building whose purpose was to serve as a tribute to the memory of Christopher Columbus. The impressive architecture was designed many decades ago to be finally inaugurated during the celebrations of the five centuries of America’s discovery.

    Columbus Lighthouse is located right in the place where the city was founded is based on the drawings of Scottish architect JL Glave in the early 30s. Subsidized by all the countries of Latin America, the lighthouse cost more than $ 70 million.

    It is a huge concrete building of heavy mass cross shaped, with over 300 meters long that when struck by sunlight can get light to flash so broad that it can be spotted from neighboring Puerto Rico.

    Inside Columbus Lighthouse rested the assumptions remains of Christopher Columbus under a constantly custody of a military couple… although DNA analysis of the remains resting in the Cathedral of Seville confirmed that the corpse of the marine rests in the Andalusian city.

    The building has alienated not a few Dominicans, for various reasons. There are the reviews from those who consider it an unnecessary investment and the ones of those who criticize his intention to honor the Catholic Church.

    The lighthouse is built on cruciform and, at night, powerful beams of light projected the shape of a cross against the sky of Santo Domingo.

    Creative Commons Image: Flickr/Jose Bovet Space’s

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