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    cayo iguana

    There’s no tour package that does not include this amazing trip to one of the wildest parts of Cayo Largo del Sur, in the Cuban archipelago of Los Canarreos. Fortunately, we should add, because the festival of life that we can experience in this piece of island is so impressive that it would be a grave mistake to miss it.

    Thousands and thousands of iguanas live in complete freedom in a small wild space, lush jungle that exemplifies to perfection the concept of a tropical Caribbean setting that anyone could imagine.

    For lovers of wildlife, landscapes without tricks and animals in absolute freedom this destination, which you can buy at experienced wholesalers such as Halconviajes.com and Air Europa, is essential.

    As you go down of your boat or catamaran, as only you can access the location across the sea, you’ll immediately understand why it’s called Cayo Iguana, it is obvious. Well, they prefer to jump other than run, but do not think that they fear humans. Quite the contrary.

    Tourists love to attract them with some croutons so they can get a picture of these amazing reptiles near them. It’s like to have a souvenir from reminiscent of those times when dinosaurs ruled the earth.

    Under the sun of Cuba, on the seaside of those turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, the picture is of an extraordinary beauty and, without a doubt, is one of the activities most valued by travelers who visit La Perla del Caribe.

    Besides the walking tour around the area to photograph the harmless reptiles of Cayo Iguana, we also can be leveraged to do some snorkeling in a fund with a spectacular reef.

    Creative Commons Image: Flickr/Leolisa81


    Mar Santiago
    Mar Santiago
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