• Catalina Island: an authentic piece of the Caribbean

    Isla Catalina

    We sailed from La Romana, probably aboard great catamarans that set sail to get us to one of those tropical wonders that everyone dreams. Catalina Island is nothing more and nothing less than authentic Caribbean.

    It is small, just 10 square kilometers. However, this beautiful spot just two kilometers from La Romana bustle with life. It cannot miss the white sand, waters of an exquisite turquoise color and a coral reef that will delight any lover of the sea and snorkeling.

    Diving enthusiasts who visit Catalina Island preferred various locations: Wall, Cliff, Aquarium… different levels and depths, sometimes up to 100 meters, with a coral forest full of marine sponges.

    Anyway it would not be necessary to dive to see the festival of biodiversity that lives in these Caribbean waters of the Dominican Republic. At first glance, standing still, we just have to throw a few crumbs into the water and then we will be accompanied by a chorus of varied and spectacular multicolored fishes.

    Of course, if we want to visit some shipwrecks or pirates and corsair wrecks, then we have to do some diving and we’ll have a great time.

    Catalina Island is one of those uninhabited virgin havens that attract thousands of tourists willing to spend the day in wild Caribbean under a palafitte eating and enjoying these clean and warm waters.

    Plenty of light and a visual show that predisposes the mind to joy… could not be otherwise, of course. To enjoy it we only have to hire the Halconviajes.com services of guided tours after flying to Dominican Republic with Air Europa.

    Creative Commons Image: Flickr/yoke75

    Ana Pérez
    Ana Pérez
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