• Bellamar: The depths of Cuba


    We must go to the province of Matanzas, in the vicinity of our Cuban hotels, Be Live Las Morlas and Be Live Turquesa. There we can go into one of the oldest tourist spots of Cuba, Bellamar system cave.

    As tourist center it’s a century and a half old, which makes it one of the first places that attracted the attention of visitors to Cuba. However, we must emphasize that the origin of Bellamar cave is back over 30 million years.

    It is spectacular. The work done by nature in this environment is simply magical and often has been declared as one of the most beautiful cave systems in the world.

    The erosive work of marine waters, combined with coal from the rock, has been carving a perfect dreamscape, in which stands the so-called Columbus Mantle, a stalactite over 12 meters in length, the queen of stalactite world resisting inside a cave: 3200 years!

    And this spectacular area is in its early youth, considering the total longevity of Bellamar cave. We must not forget visiting The Garden of the Carrots and Doña Mamerta, which are not far behind in spectacular and rarity.

    Matanzas system cave consists of over 25 kilometers of underground networks, although the public area is traversed by three quarters of an hour’s visit through a journey of 1500 meters of breathtaking beauty.

    Creative Commons Image: Flickr/paul bica

    Ana Pérez
    Ana Pérez
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