• To the Fallas of Valencia!

    Montaje de la Falla

    March it’s the month of Fallas. Spring comes to Valencia from the hand of one of the most important fiestas of the Spanish geography. Our Be Live Mangalan Hotel & Spa, at La Manga del Mar Menor, could be the perfect headquarters for a getaway in times of falleros.

    The city of Turia is at his hottest moment, and the party has just begun. The start usually occurs in late February, with the Crida, when authorities announce the start of las fiestas.

    Ahead is almost a month of festivities, fireworks, ninots and falleras that carry millions of visitors to Valencia, willing to live Las Fallas with all fullness.

    The Valencian fiesta ritual begins each morning with the roar of mascletá fireworks, where kilos and kilos of gunpowder and firecrackers explode to clear good sense and predispose all the people to party.

    The other protagonist of la fiesta are the ninots, a sort of craft dolls, made by master sculpture in cardboard and paper, who manage to deliver stunning works of art that require a lot of work and end up at the stake.

    The ephemeral life of Valencia ninots end on the Nit de la Cremá, when the Fallas monuments end up turned into ashes, devoured by the fiery tongues of traditional bonfires.

    The Be Live Mangalan Hotel & Spa is a magnificent Murcia resort, next to the best beaches of La Manga del Mar Menor and just over 200 kilometers from the city of Valencia.

    Creative Commons or Public Domain Image: Flickr/paxtorval

    Mar Santiago
    Mar Santiago
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