• The Feast of Moroccan Rose


    Kelaât M’Gouna, the city of roses. How strange it is to think about such delicate flowers at the gates of the desert! It is a wonder that Morocco holds and that divine nature that frames it.

    May is the month of flowers and the harvest month in the Moroccan region of Kelaât M’Gouna, at the riverside of M’Goun. Each spring, almost at the last days of the flowery month, takes place the Rose Festival, a way to celebrate and acknowledge the benevolence of the harvest.

    During the days of celebration, the population of M’Gouna Kelaât got tripled, thanks to the arrival of people from all over Morocco leading into the city looking for the delicate aroma of the finest rose water in the world.

    With this water are made perfumes and cosmetic products highly appreciated and between tea and tea, as tradition Berber hospitality dictates, visitors are testing and choosing the noble craft products.

    The time of the Feast of the Rose also brings dancers that dance to the rhythm of traditional instruments, tucked behind costumes covered with flower petals and paying tribute to the queen of the celebration.

    The culmination of the festival is also on the plates of the rich North African cuisine that, sometimes, also uses these roses of pre Saharan area as decoration, delicate ingredient and food seasoning.

    It is a unique moment in Morocco, which only live a couple of days a year and that shows the real roots of a magnetic country.

    Creative Commons or Public Domain Image: Flickr/mshamman

    Mar Santiago
    Mar Santiago
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