• Swim with dolphins in the Dominican Republic

    Dolphin Island

    It is said that dolphins have therapeutic properties in contact with humans. Many doctors advise that the interaction with these mammals improve our mood and our communication and social skills. Anyway, it would be a shame to miss the chance to swim with dolphins in the Dominican Republic.

    We are in one of the most beautiful seas in the world, the Caribbean. With an exquisite temperature and a color that itself raises our mood, the experience of spending time among this large and playful marine mammals will be amazing.

    It is easy to find an organized tour to attend appropriate places, with good background and accompanied by monitors, to make the most of this experience. Companies with proven experience, as is the case Halconviajes.com, give us this opportunity due to his Dolphin Island excursion.

    For less than $150 they will lead us, in boats, to platforms installed on the sea, near the beach, where we can enjoy a half hour of relax and fun with dolphins.

    Whoever tries this practice repeats at every opportunity. Maybe it’s because the relationship established with these animals so close and friendly, it’s of a charming purity.

    The waters of the Dominican Republic, with an almost virtuous transparency, facilitate us to enjoy even further Dolphin Island.

    If you are preparing your holiday destination to this rich land, do not forget that Air Europa has extended its flight to the Caribbean island, so reaching the Dominican Republic is now easier than ever.

    Creative Commons Image: Flickr/jennicatpink

    Ana Pérez
    Ana Pérez
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