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    Some people say that Meknès is the ‘ poorest’ of the Imperial Cities of Morocco. However, we are in a regenerated city with a touch of modernity, still brandishing large values ​​of Moroccan culture and that is part of the World Heritage by Unesco.

    Few know that almost all the wool used to manufacture these magnificent carpets so typical of the Alawite country is managed through the hands of the craftsmen of Meknes, dedicated to prepare this material for ever and ever.

    In fact, there is a market in Meknes for the sale and purchase of such singular flock. The spectacle of Lana Square in the medina’s city is fascinating. Hundreds of kilos of fleece waiting to be yarned, dyed, twisted…

    Merchants from all parts of Morocco also go with the idea of get shipments of one of the best wools in the world. They will end tied by the expert hands of the weavers of carpets and then exposed in Moroccan souks, spread on the floor in a colorful feast for the eyes, while the tourist enjoys sipping a glass of mint tea.

    Meknes wool is also exported abroad, to factories that used it as material for their products and, in the same way, as woven rugs that will be sold at a far more expensive price by any multinational of the planet.

    However, the spectacle of the wool is here in its most pure and genuine state, in the artisans bundles of virgin wire at the Imperial City of Meknes.

    Creative Commons or Public Domain Image: Flickr/Andrew Girdwood

    Mar Santiago
    Mar Santiago
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