• Lanzarote ‘Hervideros’

    los hervideros

    With just a look on this coast of Lanzarote, the most experienced of us will surrender completely to the majesty and the rugged beauty of a unique landscape of mammoth visual force.

    Lanzarote Hervideros play with the viewer. Water, sea, waves, rocks, erosion and lava are the protagonists of a unique and amazing spectacle, where Mother Nature reigns and makes clear the rules of the jungle.

    It’s called The Hervideros to a strip of the coast of Lanzarote, a place of passage in an expedition to two other major imperative of the Canary Islands: El Golfo and Las Salinas.

    During the eighteenth century eruptive period, between 1730 and 1738, volcanic lava flows reached the edge of the sea. The rapid cooling of the lava flows from the volcano on contact with sea water, led to the solidification in rocky cliffs.

    The passage of time and the erosive power of the waves did the rest. Caverns, cavities, caves, gaps, holes… The violence of the sea waves penetrates these galleries and holes and push the water up, even to the top of the cliff simulating boiling water.

    This is what has caused the name of this area of ​​the coast where we’ll get stunning photos of Lanzarote, with a unique color scheme and extraordinary beauty ideal for giving narrative force to our photographic compositions.

    Undertake a route that includes a visit to Los Hervideros is easy and you can take advantage of the specialist services of Halconviajes.com. If you want to move to the volcanic Canary Island, remember that Air Europa is one of the companies that best connect with the archipelago.

    Creative Commons or Public Domain Image: Flickr/loresui

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