• Cabaret Tropicana

    Cabaret Tropicana

    Tropicana has always been a synonymous of Cuba. The super famous Cuban cabaret, founded in Havana since the late 30s of the 20th century, has gone through many stages, consistent with the history of the island.

    The reputation of Cabaret Tropicana and the spell that his shows have on visitors, have led to the opening of a new nightclub in Varadero, the other major tourist city of Cuba.

    Both intend to continue with the style of that primal nightclub that became a must before the Cuban revolution, where gangsters like Al Capone, American politicians, Hollywood celebrities, businessmen and mobsters spent most of their night in the Caribbean island.

    The other side of the coin was put by artists that have always covered the Tropicana Cabaret scenario. Not only the most important artists of Cuba, as Celia Cruz or Olga Guillot; shows like the Russian Ballet of Monte Carlo gave stars for this unique outdoor cabaret.

    The art of Josephine Baker, Xavier Cugat, Carmen Miranda, Nat King Cole or Pedro Vargas also had a prominent place in the world of the only cabaret of the world under the stars, when Cuba was known as Las Vegas of the Caribbean.

    Gambling, alcohol, naked women… Tropicana Cabaret fame grew like wildfire, even if the living conditions of the Cuban were increasingly deplorable under the government of the dictator Fulgencio Batista.

    However, although the revolution would try to put an end to the ‘Colmadito’ in which criminals and corrupt had made of La Perla del Caribe, Cabaret Tropicana survived, becoming one of the sacred places of Cuban and Caribbean music.

    Today any visit to Cuba should include a few hours contemplating the beautiful displays pf Cabaret Tropicana, easy if we choose the Halconviajes.com organized tours, and flight with Air Europa.

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