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    puro habano

    Smoking is not good for health, but we are in Cuba, one of the leading producers of tobacco in the world and where it’s said are the best cigars in the world. Also, smoking a cuban cigar correctly means not swallowing the smoke.

    Despite using the best leaf, employ the job of the best expert artisans or use the best techniques … smoking a habano cigar can be a disenchanting experience if it’s not done the right way.

    Naturally, the experts know how to smoke a habano cigar. In fact, as there is a Japanese tea ceremony around, we can speak of a ritual around the cigar.

    First of all and assuming that a good taster has already made an expert choice of the cigar; the cigar lover chooses the place and time perfect to smoke it.

    In this ritual, the relaxed, pristine quiet and even atmosphere is essential to perceive every aromatic nuance of the tobacco.

    Once the choice of the cigar and the time is selected, the first steps of the ritual are complemented by the cutting and the way to light it. It is essential to cut the cigar back cleanly and without tearing, leaving a bit of padding hover without producing an excessive hole.

    Just practicing a proper court can allow the cigar burns at an appropriate pace and let us savor its nuances. Now it’s the time of the lightning.

    Light the cigar is also a calm, methodical and patient act. We must help us with an odorless flame (wooden match or gas burner), to prevent the cigar aroma get impregnated with others odors.

    We should turn the piece with the flame front, for igniting the habano cigar evenly on all sides, slowly and patiently.

    Now we just have to enjoy the cigar and remember to not swallow the smoke. We must left in the mouth, allowing all pure aromas leave it mark on our palate.

    Creative Commons or Public Domain Image: Flickr/Florencia Cárcamo

    Mar Santiago
    Mar Santiago
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