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    Memorial Ernesto Ché Guevara

    Strolling through any Cuban localization is equivalent to breathe the same air of one of the most popular revolutionary man in the history of mankind. Everything smells like Ernesto Ché Guevara, an Argentine who Cubans profess an extraordinary affection.

    It almost seems that they love him more than Fidel. The feat of that doctor and lawyer, who left the comforts of law firms to fight in favor of the oppressed in Latin America, is respected and venerated.

    Although we will find an infinite number of samples of admiration for Commander Guevara, one of the most solemn places to find us with ‘Ché’ is, without doubt, The Ernesto Ché Guevara Memorial, a mausoleum in which the remains of the revolutionary lies and it’s a true in memoriam monument.

    To contemplate the place where lies the ‘Ché’ since 1997, when his corpse was discovered in Bolivia and returned to Cuba, we must move to Santa Clara. This was the place chosen by Fidel Castro, who caught the eternal flame that burns in memory of the Commander and his 29 comrades killed while attempting to release the Andean country.

    Santa Clara was chosen by the importance which took the role played by the men of the Commander during the liberation of Cuba. After the conquest of this summons, the dictator Fulgencio Batista fled the country, facilitating the capture of Havana and the triumph of the revolution.

    It should be noted that the architectural ensemble was made with the help of volunteer workers of Santa Clara and is composed, among other places, of a monumental sculpture in bronze of Ernesto Ché Guevara. The figure rests on basement and the total height of the work exceeds 16 meters.

    Ernesto Ché Guevara Memorial is loaded with symbolism and offers us a journey through all stages of the eternal revolutionary. The visit is quite easy and can be engaged through Halcón Viajes travel service, which has a specific excursion to explore the mausoleum.

    Creative Commons or Public Domain Image: Flickr/hellosputnik

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