• Eating in the streets of Morocco

    Comida ambulante

    The North African country holds in its streets all the magic of the recipes of one of the most important cuisine cultures in the world. Food in Morocco honors the legacy of their ancestors, these patients and legendary dishes that have helped forging early diets as important as the Mediterranean, which forms part of the World Heritage.

    But aside from the culinary experiences we can enjoy at restaurants, bars and catering establishments, any food lover traveler will find thousands of excuses for tasting every secret of Moroccan cuisine.

    Those night markets, those stalls, those medina’s souks… everything smells of spices, honey, artisan pastries, fresh mint, roasted lamb… Everything is bought and sold in those little market stands, so exotic and linked to Arab and North African culture. And, since it was to be expected, the food.

    Delicious sweets, cakes with an origin before the ones made by artisans of old Europe: Chuparquias drenched in rich honey; Gazelle Horns, dusted with icing sugar; the Sfenj, that donut so beloved by Moroccan children, the simple Warqa, less expensive for those not so rich or powerful…

    Keftas, kebabs, briouates … Tea, labneh, orange blossom water … Preserved lemons, dates and almonds … Meat, fish, candy, desserts, beverages, fruits … Eating on the streets of Morocco will be a delightful experience, cheap and highly recommended for those who want to experience the authentic taste of local cuisine.

    Just be led by your nose, loyal follower of an empire of aromas that will guide us toward the richer stalls.

    Creative Commons Image: Flickr/palindrome6996

    Ana Pérez
    Ana Pérez
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