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    Carnival in the Caribbean island is celebrated with style and they don’t skimp on time. It’s so much so that the fun, festivities and parades spread throughout the month of February and there is not a point of the Dominican Republic without living a moment so colorful funny.

    In most localities Dominican carnival continues through March because calendar becomes confused uniting the carnival celebrations with the commemorating events of Independence Day, on February 27.

    If you are thinking of a different time to have fun visiting Dominican Republic, this is the time. We cannot forget that the joy of the Caribbean invites us to be luxury witness of a carnival plenty of fun.

    It is essential to include in our travel guide Bonao Carnival, one of the most representative of the country, for its spectacular shows and duration. Every weekend, friends and strangers gather at Duarte Park and surrounding streets, to live the carnival to the beat of merengue and bachata.

    Of course we cannot miss other Dominican carnival highlights, especially the celebration of Santo Domingo, La Vega and Santiago; and the uniqueness of some of the most typical icons, such as ‘diablos guyolas’ and ‘cojuelos’.

    The imagination and creativity of the costumes is surprising, especially if we consider that almost everything is done by hand, using items such as paper or cardboard.

    Creative Commons or Public Domain Image: Flickr/Mariajperez

    Mar Santiago
    Mar Santiago
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