• Winter tourism in Cuba


    Winter tourism takes another turn when we think of the Caribbean temperatures of the greater of the Antilles Islands. In Cuba, the coldest months of the year correspond to December, January and February, with temperatures around 23 ° C, a respite for many tourists who prefer to enjoy the Cuban land with a much milder climate.

    The island is still at its peak season during these dates, because it is one of the prefer destinations for many visitors. The Caribbean never sleeps and the turquoise waters and white coral sands still offer their inimitable stamp.

    Lovers of the major cultural events are being rewarded with encounters as captive as Jazz Plaza International Festival or the International Festival of the new Latin American cinema.

    The mild temperatures with 10 or 12 degrees under the typical warmth of summer, allow us to enjoy the walking routes: historic areas tours, World Heritage monuments, parks, plantations, colonial buildings…

    Sun and beach tourism overlaps with a much more authentic vision of a country that enjoys a varied and extensive historical, cultural and natural heritage. Although Cuba is hot in its essence, rhythm and happiness are not lost during this days in this cheerful and cozy village located in a magical Caribbean land.

    Enjoying winter tourism in Cuba is a pleasure that allows us to undertake a lot of activities and proposals with more tranquility and less sweat.

    Creative Commons or Public Domain Image: Flickr/Artur Staszewski

    Ana Pérez
    Ana Pérez
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