• The charm of the Moroccan jaima

    Jaima marroquí

    Touring Morocco will offer us many opportunities to enjoy the unique and full of charm ambience that lies inside of a jaima. Sometimes it is amazing to think that it is just a tent, but the truth is that the Berber tradition has provided this space of an unique atmosphere.

    The jaima or haima was born from the need of Bedouin, of transhumant organization, to pick up their house quickly in the middle of the desert. In addition to complying with basic standards for protection against the weather, the jaima should be easily transportable too.

    The first tents of the nomads were manufactured with the most abundant elements among the Berber peoples: wood and animal skin.

    Step by step, as any habitat for human beings, their users ended up by stratify the size and materials according to the needs of the community and even the social caste to which belonged his occupant.

    Throughout history, the Moroccan haima have ranged from a simple zulla, conceived exclusively as a refuge; up to a midrad, more luxurious and special for the use and enjoyment of the most illustrious characters.

    Goat and camel skin are combined in a succession of layers that insulate from cold and heat and they provide, with the indoor carpets and fabrics, the marquees of an environment highly appreciated by foreigner’s romanticism.

    Indeed, you cannot miss the chance to enjoy a sip of exquisite green tea with mint in the shelter of a full of charm jaima.

    Creative Commons or Public Domain Image: Flickr/tadd_debbie

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