• Show of humpback whales of Samana

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    Who said that the Caribbean is always the same? Anyone who travels to the Dominican Republic with that idea will be far, far away from a very different reality. The natural environment in which we are going to immerse ourselves is… unpredictable.

    Among the many surprises that we will encounter along our journey by the Dominican Caribbean, we must be captivated by the wonderful choreography of humpback whales.

    In the Bay of Samana, beginning in mid-January, you can attend one of the most exciting gifts of the explosive nature of Dominican Republic tacking advance of one of the excursions that Halconviajes.com offers.

    We will have to make an excursion to the Humpback Whales Sanctuary, also close to Bank of Silver, at the Northwest area of the beautiful Caribbean country. For 3 or 4 months, over 3,000 specimens of humpback whales made by these waters their rites of mating.

    In fact, today we know that 100% of the humpback whales of the North Atlantic are reproduced on this coast, after a certainly amazing trip. Cetaceans come from North America, Greenland, Canada or Iceland, in search of a partner in the warmth of the Caribbean waters.

    Until March, lovers of natural and marine environment can come to contemplate the acrobatics of impressive males, with almost 16 meters long and more than 35 tons.

    Spectacular jumps out of the water trying to attract their female, and if they fail, the songs will arrive. It is the spectacle of humpback whales of Samana, a unique and unforgettable experience much near to Spain than ever thanks to Air Europa. Indeed, since the first of April, Air Europa doubled its flights between Spain and the Caribbean island.

    Creative Commons or Public Domain Image: Flickr/NOAA Photo Library

    Mar Santiago
    Mar Santiago
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