• Everything is ready for the Carnival of Tenerife


    It is one of the most important carnivals in Spain and share with Rio de Janeiro a tropical and colorful aesthetic, the Carnival of Tenerife has started with the force of a cyclone full of joy.

    This year the motto of Tenerife Carnival is Bollywood and until February 17, ‘murgas’, ‘comparsas’ and ‘rondallas’ will give rein to imagination in a world set in a fantasy of India. And, this year is the first time that the theme of the Carnival is elected by popular vote through internet.

    Through the Carnival of Tenerife has passed the greatest artists of the moment. Not in vain, is one of the Spanish ‘fiestas’ cataloged as International Tourist Interest, with clear aspirations to become World Heritage.

    The Election Gala of Queens of ‘chicharrero’ Carnival summon the highest number of spectators, who come to contemplate the impressive and heavy costumes, which require clever mechanisms to help the participants to evolve along the catwalk.

    But if there is a moment that in recent years has become an inescapable event is the Drag Queen Gala, with the participation of authentic ‘transformism’ teachers that turns the night into a wacky entelechy full of color, music, fun, and above all, respect and tolerance.

    There is a time in which you must enjoy Tenerife, even by obligation, and it is during the Carnival season; a unique moment for the Canary Island which, by this time, receives a significant amount of visitors. It is very easy to find aircraft  passage and companies such as Air Europa increased its number of flights to the Carnival of Tenerife during these dates.

    Creative Commons or Public Domain Image: Wikicommons/TDT

    Ana Pérez
    Ana Pérez
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