• Cauldron of fish: Mar Menor flavour


    We invite all lovers of scuba diving by loopholes of good traditional cuisine, to try one of the most succulent and delicious dishes of the Spanish Levante recipe book. The cauldron of fish is, without doubt, synonym of Mar Menor flavor and aroma.

    Like all good recipes from the shores of the Mediterranean, the combination of ingredients arises from the need of the most humble to nurturing a table with what the land produces.

    In this case, the Murcia region combined three great products, ‘bomba’ grain rice, so typical of the zone of Levante; vegetables of the murcian orchard, known as the Garden of Europe due to the excellent quality of its fruits and vegetables; and the rock fish, so typical of the Mediterranean.

    The small villages of fishermen, near shore waters in difficult times and carried their homes the pieces of fishes that had failed to sell in the markets. The need and the lack of means to preserve the product forced the locals to eat the fish immediately, doing so by combining it with another historical raw to removes hunger, rice.

    The freshness of the fish recently caught and the capacity to absorb flavors from the rice, joined to the skill of the mothers of family, hard workers in the kitchen to get impressive nuances of homemade recipes.

    Actually, the cauldron of Mar Menor has become a gourmet and delicious dish that nobody who visits the Murcia region must miss.

    Creative Commons or Public Domain Image: Flickr/jlastras

    Mar Santiago
    Mar Santiago
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