• A stroll through La Graciosa in Lanzarote


    A wild, rugged and unique beauty, La Graciosa is one of those essential islets to understand the beauty of the Canary Islands in all its magnitude. Located two kilometers to the North of Lanzarote, the stroll through La Graciosa reveals the most topical myths of the volcanic islands.

    In front of the Moroccan coast is the Archipelago of Chinijo, a set of Canary islets were La Graciosa belongs, a small island of just 29 square kilometers.

    This rugged and hilly piece of land has a lot of that indomitable image showing the volcanic formations of the area. As in all of them, in La Graciosa is easy to enjoy these contrasts of hard land of solidified lava and basalt rock in harmonic contrast with immense beaches, quiet and peaceful, of fine golden sand.

    La Graciosa has only two populations, La Caleta del Sebo – insular capital – and Casas de Pedro Barba. If the first barely exceeds the 650 inhabitants, the second population counted, in 2011, with only 2 inhabitants.

    The island’s economy relies on fishing and tourist activities, and, if you take a look you know why. Water, sea, sky, land and a spectacular nature that has much to offer to any good traveler that really appreciates the original landscapes.

    La Graciosa is only accessible by sea and is worth devoting a visit of any tour through Fortunate Islands, especially if we are approaching the Lanzarote insula, separated only by a stretch of sea.

    Creative Commons or Public Domain Image: Flickr/aikijuanma

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