• Churros with chocolate: spanish tradition

    Chocolate con churros

    When visit Spain, you have to try the traditional churros with chocolate. In any of the points of the Spanish geography where you can spend a few days, you will always find a place in which to enjoy this delicious moment.

    The fritter stalls or ‘churrerías’, have been decorating the Spanish streets since the beginning of the 20th century. Before this century, both foods were taken separately. On one side was the ‘churro’, which probably arose from hunger and the need to find a cheap and easy to prepare meal. Its selling began at the street stands on fairs and little markets.

    The other protagonist was the chocolate brought from America by the Spaniards during the colonization period. The Europeans fell in love with the pre-Columbian product, elaborating different dishes to enhance the experience when eating cocoa.

    Both products were joined at the first decade of the twenties of the 20th century and was adopted quickly either by the public in general as the Bohemian and literati, who found in the chocolate with churros a perfect excuse for the typical coffee gatherings.

    The chocolate is served in a very hot cup of porcelain, around 80 ° C. Next to it, in a dish, are the churros, with sugar for those who wants to sprinkle them before diping it.

    During the first stage of this rich breakfast or snack, when the hocolate is hot, the churro is soaked on it so you can taste both products at the same time. When the churros are completed and the rest of the chocolate is already cold, it is time to drink it.

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