• Christmas Market in Plaza Mayor of Madrid

    Navidad en la Plaza Mayor de Madrid

    What don’t have place in the Plaza Mayor of Madrid? Of course, Christmas has its enormous scenario thanks to the space dedicated to one of the most attractive Christmas markets of southern Europe.

    During these days and as real mushrooms in the forest, from the square sprout  a myriad of little stands decorated and ready to offer to the public an authentic exhibition of Christmas objects.

    The Christmas market in the Plaza Mayor of Madrid has been specializing, through the years, in handcrafted figures for the recreation of Nativity scenes. Of course there are other typical objects and thus zambombas, tambourines and garlands are interspersed with firs, shepherds and sheets of genuine Cork.

    Also, if you’re curious and adventure by the adjacent arcades of the famous Madrid plaza, you’ll see that a few steps from this ceremonial feast are another more festive. There are stands full of joke articles such as colors wigs, clown noses, firecrackers and flares, bizarre hats…

    Everything is harmonized by a unique atmosphere, a lattice in which collaborate a multitude of street performers (musicians, actors, mimes, painters, cartoonists…), providing his art to the Plaza Mayor.

    At nightfall the feast is enhanced with one of the most exciting highlights from all over Europe. Including the Casa de la Panadería, with its exquisite facade of the Golden Age, that got adorn to offer it most beautiful face and also one of the most amusing and endearing.

    It is Madrid, the Plaza Mayor and a very Spanish tradition that goes back to the beginning of the 19th century. Before that, the Christmas market was a few meters away, at the Plaza of Santa Cruz.

    Creative Commons or Public Domain Image: Flickr/schipul

    Mar Santiago
    Mar Santiago
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