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    Tatuaje de henna

    Fashion has come to West and henna tattoos are now a must. However at Morocco, henna tattoo artists, as in many African and Asian countries, keep using the natural pigment to make elaborate drawings on the female skin since centuries.

    During our Moroccan journey it will be common to find street ‘henna tattoo artists’ in the major touristic sites. Foreign women love to be seized by those intricate Arabic designs up and down the arm, in the palms of the hands or the instep of the footPrecious drawings are conducted with the ink extracted from the plant called Lawsonia Inermis. We are accustomed to seeing how Oriental brides look spectacular designs on hands and feet, decked out for their wedding day, competing the drawing with the plateresque work of her jewels.

    But the henna tattoo artists countries such as Algeria, Morocco, India, Pakistan… did not emerge for body decoration. On the contrary, the origins of henna drawings had a purpose much more practical and linked to the temperature.

    Cause to boredom, the first experiments on the skin with the dye of this plant began. Soon, women were able to see that the pigment of Lawsonia Inermis had the property of lowering the body temperature and that, in countries where the heat can become stifling, is a huge discovery.

    That was the origin of this art of tattooing that today we look for in our journey, in order to experience a temporary tattoo and a pleasant experience of communication with women in the country.

    Creative Commons or Public Domain Image: Flickr/Asiya Qureshi

    Mar Santiago
    Mar Santiago
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