• ‘Morir Soñando’: 100% dominican cocktail

    Morir Soñando

    The beach, the heat, the flavor, the atmosphere, the desire to amuse ourselves… everything that surrounds the Dominican Republic invited visitors to release their tensions and removed the corset of the routine. Absolutely, the drinks will occupy a very important place during our stay.

    They have everything, the cocktail bar of the Dominican Republic is fantastic, wide and varied; but today we wanted to keep a cocktail without alcohol which is also very famous on the island.

    It is called ‘Morir Soñando’ (Die Dreaming), it is really good and without a drop of alcohol, so don’t be afraid. Those who cannot or do not wish to experiment with the graduation of beverages, can enjoy this drink with complete peace of mind.

    They prepare this tasty drink with freshly squeezed orange juice, adding evaporated milk, brown sugar and vanilla. The bartender will agitate perfectly the mix with the secret combination of the proportions of each ingredient and the magic touch of the house.

    Later they will serve us it in a pretty glass with crushed ice, embellished with an orange slice and a colorful straw. The soft taste of sweet milk, with the juice of citrus fruits, will provide us a unique and worthy pleasure of those wonderful beaches of the Dominican paradise.

    Among so many extraordinary cocktail, ‘Morir Soñando’ has a very suitable name to enjoy the flavour of the Dominican Republic without an ounce of alcohol.

    Creative Commons Image: Flickr/Aziz J.Hayat عبدالعزيز جوهر حيات

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