• From Toledo to Sefarad: the jewish Spain

    Sinagoga del Tránsito

    The capital city of the Three Cultures still keeps alive memories of many ways of thinking, many ways of honoring the gods and so many traditions of so many different men and women… in the background so alike.

    It is Toledo, a compendium of centuries of history of the greatest civilizations. Today it is the road to Sepharad which arouses our attention, the history of those Spanish Jews who, one day, Catholic Majesties forced to exodus.Back in 1492, when Columbus persisted in seeking new lands, Isabel and Fernando decided to expel thousands of people of their own territories. That was the fate that condemned them, considered as ‘heretics’ and unworthy to occupy a space in the new Spain, according to the thinking of the Catholic monarchs.

    However, the footprint of the Sephardim remains alive, extended to two million practitioners who still call Sefarad to the Iberian Peninsula and see and feel Toledo as their ‘motherland’.

    In the Toledo of the 21st century is in fact the Sephardic Museum which, with nearly four decades of history, occupies the premises of the Transit Synagogue and seeks to cherish the legacy of Hebrew culture in Spain, in Sepharad.

    The visit is quite interesting thanks to the collection and heritage of the facilities and the beauty and the architectural importance of the buildings.

    A stay in our Be Smart Talavera can be the starting point for remembering a story that, unfortunately, from another point of view and almost with the same excuses is repeated in Palestine. Shalom.

    Creative Commons or Public Domain Image: Wikicommons/Roy Lindman

    Mar Santiago
    Mar Santiago
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