• From Gothic to Baroque with the Cathedral of Murcia

    Catedral de Murcia

    In a paradigmatic City for fans of history art, a place blessed by the hands of great artists of the Baroque, in streets whose walk becomes an artistic diaspora by buildings and constructions, the Cathedral of Santa Maria is the most representative building of the city of Murcia, known as the garden of Europe.

    The Cathedral of Murcia is, without any doubt, an absolutely Gothic building. However, like so many Spanish constructions, the sumptuous and significant Temple is one more example of the way in which the Spanish lived art, adapting and reinventing it according to fashion and the evolution of time.It shows the Renaissance twists and Baroque finishes that transform the Cathedral, switching from a style to another with great naturalness and even certain shamelessness that is really appreciated.

    Don’t get surprised if Santa Maria is raised on the floor of an ancient mosque of the 14th century. In the Spanish peninsula we were always very given to build over the wood of the fallen tree and the Murcia Cathedral makes no different. Since then and until the 18th century, the Cathedral continued to receive artistic contributions from different eras, sometimes different, absolutely intertwined on other occasions.

    If you want to keep in mind some facts about this beautiful Cathedral, you just have to think that its main facade is one of the treasures of the Levantine Baroque, that its Tower is the second highest in Spain, surpassed only by the Giralda, and a tomb of its interior keeps the heart and viscera of Alfonso X the Wise.

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    Mar Santiago
    Mar Santiago
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