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    Puro Habano

    Sugar, coffee and tobacco. Connoisseurs say that the island’s economy is based on these three elements which grown in Cuba and the truth is that Cuban cigars are known internationally as the best cigars in the world.

    An habano is that kind of cigar made with tobacco exclusively produced and handled in Cuba. In fact, during centuries tobacco companies around the world tried to reproduce the quality of these tobaccos in other parts of the world, using Cuban seeds… without success.

    The secret of Cuban Habanos is in the geographical position of the island, touching the Tropic of Cancer, which gives Cuba an humidity average of 79% and a temperature around 25 ° C.

    This sum of factors, along with the work of specialized farmers, the properties of the ground and the cigar skills in manufacturing, get an habano cigar unique in the world.

    So big is the fame that the Caribbean island held every year the Habano’s Festival, which in the next spring will be its 15th anniversary. In these events, worldwide cigar tobacco specialists and lovers got concentrated.

    During the Conference you can visit different plantations, factories of habanos, attend wine tastings and even perform masters as ‘sommelier’ of habanos or reels of tobacco.

    The truth is that even if we are not smokers, the mysteries that encloses this plant and the industry that Cuba has managed to develop around it, proposed quite a few activities to attend during our trip to Cuban land.

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    Mar Santiago
    Mar Santiago
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