• Fishing in Varadero, a sport for tourists


    Of course that sport fishing enthusiasts have a bonanza on the beaches of Varadero. Whole Cuba is undoubtedly conducive to provide the fisherman some experiences rather than stimulants, both in freshwater or in sailor environment.

    But Varadero is well prepared so that tourists will be in a few minutes with everything we may need to practice our favorite sport and thus whether we decided to fish with cane as if we are going to do underwater fishing, the area is equipped with all kinds of agencies that will give us what we need, even personal guide and specialists in this sport in the area.

    The richness of this site of the Caribbean Sea is overwhelming. Natural barriers, ecological conditions and the ocean currents in the area convert the Pearl of the Caribbean in one of the most important places for the lovers of sports fishing, with an infinite number of animals, around a thousand catalogued species.

    This part of the West Indies, with Varadero and the keys as protagonists, the deportive/leisure fishing will be a pleasure that will make you choose between: Fly fishing, spinning, half course, height… all modalities are provided and the Agency hired only needs the visitor’s passport to prepare the required fishing license to perform the activity.

    Creative Commons or Public Domain Image: Flickr/Anoldent

    Ana Pérez
    Ana Pérez
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