• ‘Ensaimada de Mallorca’: a must snack or breakfast in Balearic Islands


    Without a doubt, you can ask anyone on the Balearic Islands and they will tell you that there are two indispensable snacks you’ll need to test before you leave the area, the ‘Sobrasada’ and the ‘Ensaimada de Mallorca’.

    If you don’t taste them, it would be like leaving Naples without eating pizza, leave Paris without testing a croissant, leave Frankfurt without tasting a sausage or visit Cuba without drinking a mojito.Some products are an inseparable part of the land that we visited and to not make a stop on our journey to taste the gastronomic traditions is a way to ignore an important part of the trip.

    Everything has its own history and the ‘Ensaimada de Mallorca’ was not going to be less, although no one has been able to find the source accurately. This delicious sweet is old and, the earliest written references are dated to the 17TH century, the origin of the cake is older.

    In fact, the purists venture that this traditional snack connects directly with the biscuit shaper of Arab tradition. Chronicles behind the ‘Ensaimada de Mallorca’ said that it is pretty much alike with an Arab sweet called ‘bulema‘.

    With a snail-shaped way, ‘bulema’ had exactly the same ingredients as our Majorcan ensaimada, except lard, for obvious reasons related to the precepts of the Koranic law.

    Whatever its origin is, the truth is that taste it, buy it or even learn to prepare it will not be difficult anywhere in the Balearic Islands and a lot less in Mallorca. Try it and let us know.

    Creative Commons or Public Domain Image: Flickr/kochtopf

    Mar Santiago
    Mar Santiago
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