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    Percussion and strings with boleros rhythmic cadence, Cuban music, chachachá and of course, merengue. From a very nutritious musical smoothie arose in the Dominican Republic one of the most exportable musical styles of the island: La bachata.

    At start it was associated with the poorer classes and was even banished from the radio stations, where it was given the nickname of ‘music of bitter’, especially because almost all its lyrics describes laments and nostalgia and heartbreak feelings.However, the 80s brought to bachata a second youth and the international recognition of a distinctly Dominican rhythm. It is said that the internationalization of this musical style comes from the hand of Juan Luis Guerra, who released an album called ‘Bachata Rosa’ in 1991.

    From there, the bachata music ceases to suffer this harassment that ordered it to street environments and begins to play with strength in stations and TVs, running out to conquer more elitist environments.

    Currently, the composers have been more careful in drafting the letters of the bachatas. Also, the music and orchestration has been getting impregnate of other sounds that have infected it with slightly more vividness.

    In addition, the bachateros authors have gone versioning musical hits of other styles, including some themes of ABBA, that had succeeded in introducing with honors the bachata in radio stations and the best Dominican artists discography.

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