• Dominican crafts: the perfect souvenir

    artesanía república dominicana

    A stroll through the Dominican Republic awakens in the traveler the need for purchasing everything that is seen. More than an outbreak of consumerism schizophrenia, the impulses of the tourist are guided more by the passion that awakens the craftsmanship of the area, so close to the Caribbean tradition.

    The colorful and plasticity of what made the artisans hands of Dominican artists captivate, without remedy, anyone that has a minimum of sensitivity. It is the effect of that very special combination of Taíno ancestors, Spanish influence and African vocation.

    The materials of the dominican crafts are obtained out of the daily of the island: coconut, Palm, shells, precious stones, stone, sand, leather, fruits, wires, strings, mud… It is the synthesis of native crafts and wherever we prayers our eyes, we will be looking at the wonderful and simple spectacle of artisans from the Dominican Republic.

    In the streets, on the beaches, in the squares… little street stands, big souvenirs stores, shopping centers in large hotel chains… anywhere we can find a small treasure, full of color, which tells us a daily scene or something of the past of the country…

    Huge Caribbean paintings, precious necklaces and accessories, caming silverware for noble stones, beautiful hand-painted scarves and shawls, extraordinary musical instruments or typical rum and cigars of the Caribbean. The range of possibilities is huge and you’ll have countless times to buy; it will be almost impossible resist the temptation to own a piece of the Dominican Republic.

    Creative Commons or Public Domain Image: Flickr/Bree Bailey

    Ana Pérez
    Ana Pérez
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