• Varadero is Live Music

    músicos callejeros

    The most touristic destination of Cuba was not going to inhibit one of the passions of the Cuban people and that deuced contagious rhythm that runs through their veins, fills every corner of the city.

    Varadero is live music on the terraces, in hotels, at the intersection of any street, at the door of the cafes, at the promenade, at the entrance of the beach, in the port. Cuba is rhythm, Cuba is musical sound, a blow of wrist black percussion of African roots, harmoniously wild hips of compassed women.

    The city of Varadero has its own soundtrack, in street guitars arpeggios, in the cadence of the accented voices of the singers, in the tasty tunes that inspire filmmakers and writers of prestige. It is the essence of Cuba, and Varadero is no exception.

    Tourist and westernized, Varadero is live music that respects the tradition and customs of its people, the harmony of the old songs that conquer a world that succumbs to the charm of a locked land which, however, hypnotizes us with unique, attractive and charming sounds.

    Varadero-strolls, walking through its streets, sitting down and enjoy a Cuban mojito and passing the afternoon or spirited evening night, passes necessarily by Cuban music of the Tropicana Cabaret, street orchestras and musicians improvised behind the windows of every house. Welcome to Cuba and its melodic streets! It is time to enjoy a magnificent scheduled concert or a fantastic improvised performance.

    Creative Commons Image: Aaron Nakama

    Mar Santiago
    Mar Santiago
    She is a journalist and traveler, specialized in other cultures and countries in conflict. Mar has worked for major media networks as RNE, Diario16 Malaga and EFE.

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