• Recommendations to enjoy the ritual of the Hammam (II)

    Be Live Hammam

    The Hammam is conceived by the Arabs as a place of serenity. All works at another pace, slowly, deeply, with harmony. As well as the body, it seems that the spirit also finds a place to relax.

    This concept invites and even imposes standards of behavior in which the gentleness and respect are the basis so that everyone can enjoy the ritual of the Hammam. It is very important that we not raise the voice. It is the perfect place for confidences, quiet and intimate. This is another royalty of the Hammam.

    All in the bathrooms is focused to the community and here we need to show our respect, our consideration with the objects and the space to be used by others. The cube and the water bowls have a single function, make it easier for us to use them and help us clean ourselves. It is best to avoid the game with something so intimate and it is required the greater hygiene observances.

    The first step in our ritual of purification and bath is to relax, open ourselves to the water, leave all of our pores be fulfilled with the liquid element. There is nothing better to do so than the pools of hot water. Beware, the temperature is quite high. Avoid pouring the water above yourself, you could get burn. However, it is the ideal place to extend our mat and lie on it a while to wander.

    Now it is time to move to the warm pool. Different faucets discharged water at different temperatures. Take the bucket of hot water and wash the piece of ground where you’ll take your bath. Put your mat, sit and mix hot and cold water. Get wet with it and used the soaps. At the end of your bath wash the area where you’ve been, until it is completely clean and free of foam.

    If you like, is in this room were you can apply the massage service. They can be very hard on you, but they know what they do.

    Relaxed and clean, is the time to complete our process at the cooler facilities, where we will retrieve the temperature and regain the tone before joining the rhythm of the city.

    Public Domain Image: Wikicommons/Tomkeene

    Mar Santiago
    Mar Santiago
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