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    Anyone who travels by Morocco should not return without having dedicated a moment to the communion with water. We do not conceive the Arab culture without the ritual of the hamman. They knew how to take the essence of the Roman baths and adapt them to their own customs, to a way of life which, without rhythm, harmony and respect for water, probably would have another sense.

    Time stops. It is bath time. The ritual of the Hammam begins, perhaps one of the Moroccan habits that tourists most like to imitate. Enjoying this moment so special and relaxing is not difficult and there are many houses of baths, from imposing and luxurious hotel facilities, to the most humble and remote places, where locals performed their personal hygiene.

    If we are to enjoy a moment in the hamman during our Moroccan trip, it is best that we take into account some small tips that will make us the experience more comfortable.

    First of all we need to know that, if we have opted for a more authentic public hamman, one of those used by the inhabitants of Morocco, it is better to avoid Thursdays. Nothing will happen if we go that day, but we must bear in mind that it is the day Muslims choose to prepare their bodies and spirits for religious services on Friday, and out of respect, we should consider not to violate their religious privacy.

    Both men and women should wear a simple bathing suit, and in the case of women, it will be better if it is a single piece. Since we are not going to wear anything more than the bathing suit, and although each hamman has personal to saves us our belongings, it is better that we go with the essentials and leave valuables things at the hotel.

    We’ll take a mat for us to lie in the bath, shampoo and soap. In the Moroccan market we can find all what we need. Take the chance to try the beldi, a dark soap made with black olives, which will leave your skin like a baby’s one.

    Creative Commons or Public Domain Image: Wikicommons/Nevit Dilmen

    Mar Santiago
    Mar Santiago
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