• Night shopping at Morocco

    Mercado nocturno

    As in almost every African country, the sun warms the day of Morocco rigorously. In some places, it may even be ruthless, in a territory bordered by the Sahara desert.

    The hardness of these conditions cause its people to preserve during the day, barred after the thick adobe walls of the most humble houses, after the gates of the Riyadh, after the walled enclosures that protect cities, even by the narrow streets that lead the air currents.

    Going shopping, the fun, the entertainment, the tea time, the friendly meeting… the fall of the evening brings the fresh air, a grateful temperature drop which favors going out.

    It is now when the squares of the medinas become popular night markets, where, in addition to get all the goods and raw materials for the family, you can be with friends, take a tea with an animated conversation or eat delicious Moroccan dishes.

    The first hours of the night are perfect for moments of joy, excitement, good mood, the hustle and bustle on the market… Buy overnight in Morocco is not only a required activity, it is a social, in no way prohibited pleasure for the curious traveller.

    Sweets, spices, robes, leather, souvernirs, food, tea… is time to market and take advantage of one of the most enjoyable experiences of the Alaouite country. An advice for the tourist? Mix with the population and get seduced by the charm of the night city.

    Creative Commons Image: Los Viajes del Cangrejo

    Ana Pérez
    Ana Pérez
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