• D.O. Jumilla, wine of Murcia


    In Murcia, enjoying a wonderful stay at the Be Live Mangalan Hotel&Spa, we have a fantastic opportunity to discover one of the most important appellation of origin of the Spanish State, which does not go unnoticed to any good winemaker.

    Undoubtedly we are talking about D.O. Jumilla, covering the wines from 30,000 hectares of vineyards that are distributed by the fields of Murcia and Albacete.

    Connoisseurs say that these wines of Murcia have the joy of youth and the audacity of naivety, which gives to the palate a unique experience full of originality.

    In spite of this, we are talking about a region where the grape is present since before the arrival of the Romans in Spain; although it was not until the 19th century, when a plague of phylloxera ended with important vineyards of France and the Iberian Peninsula, when the wines of Jumilla, miraculously saved from the catastrophe began to find their site.

    The Monastrell grape variety is the responsible of giving the most personal touch to the wines of Jumilla. Nuances, aromas, flavors and shine that awaken unique sensations easy to find through a fresh glass of Rosé or a good drink of red wine.

    Today, a fabulous way to discover the history of this wine is one of the routes that have been drawn from the Tourism Office of Jumilla. Gastronomy, history, culture, music, wine tasting, wineries… It is a good way to explore the region, enjoy with its people and taste the good wine.

    Creative Commons or Public Domain Image: Flickr/Ira Gelb

    Ana Pérez
    Ana Pérez
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