• Argan oil, the liquid gold of Morocco

    Aceite de Argán

    Argan oil is one of Morocco main product, available in their rich and varied markets. Known as the ‘liquid gold’ and dubbed as the most expensive oil in the world, its properties both for intake or cosmetic use are increasingly appreciated among European cosmetics companies.

    This beauty elixir is produced in the region of Agadir, where the tree (Argain spinosa) grows and the makers can extract this valuable oil from its fruits.

    Is, for instance, effective to prevent aging of the skin as its active ingredients promotes epidermal cell renewal, retarding the appearance of wrinkles. It’s also used to treat skin diseases like eczema or burn injuries.

    In Morocco, is used for all types of cosmetic treatments, also to treat male or female sterility, when there is a risk of abortion and even as medicine to strengthen sick children and elderly.

    Argan oil have 80% of essential fatty acids, and contains nearly three times more vitamin E than olive oil.  Also it is very delicate to the palate because of its fine texture and faint odor, and it’s especially recommended to reduce cholesterol and prevent cardiovascular disease.

    It’s so expensive because it’s made using traditional methods, with no chemicals or pesticides in its treatment.  It’s need 10 hours to produce only one litter of argan oil, and for every 100 kilos of fruit, only 3 are good to extract this precious oil.

    No wonder therefore that a liter of this oil costs about 85 euros if it is pure.

    Picture in creative commons: Flickr/dani_tic

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