• The street bars of Varadero


    Sun, heat, sweat, thirst… Restless Wanderer walks through Varadero longing to find new corners and… cool liquid! It is the stigma of a city blessed by the sun and high temperatures.

    However, to find something that soak the throat and refresh the body isn’t at all difficult. Added to the multitude of restaurants and kiosks that proliferate around the tourist city of Cuba, you can infinite small street bars, ready to quench our thirst around every corner.

    There you would find packaged cold drinks and fresh water, but the real hit in these little stands, built with wood plates and equipped with small wheels to transport them easily, are the slush.

    Loaded with a small deposit of crushed ice and provisioned with numerous bottles of natural fruit juices, the matanceros sellers make the ride easier through the precious colonial streets of Varadero.

    For less than one cuban peso, walkers can ease the thirst with delicious slush juices and continue with the discovery of the city. But, remember, it is essential to don’t forget the main sanitary measures, so we may not be colonized with a virus that cause diseases, such as tropical enterocolitis, so related to the tourist.

    In this sense it is appropriate to have in mind that, although we take mineral water and bottled drinks, the ice can be a source of contagion. That’s why we must ensure that the frozen cubes are made with bottled water and, when in doubt, its better not to try.

    Creative Commons Image: Flickr/Aaron Nakama

    Ana Pérez
    Ana Pérez
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