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    Especias de Marruecos

    The trip to Morocco is also a transit through the smell and taste. Aromas and flavors will be inevitably linked to the images and experiences of our Moroccan trip.

    In this sense, markets offer us an endless catalog of spices, piled up in typical color cones, that will also provide us a good collection of typical and colorful photos.

    The stroll through the souks will be as an initiatory voyage to the country of odors. The aromatic patches will come from everywhere, leading us through narrow streets flanked by little market stands.

    It is the charm that lays behind the walls of the medinas, in the street markets, night posts… A colourful and perfumed world that later we will be able to taste in the most succulent dishes of Arab cuisine, the Moroccan delights or Berber recipes.

    Because the spices are installed, clamped together by the passage of centuries, of all the time in the world, in the Moroccan daily life. Marvelous images for our eyes through the reddish rush of the peppers, albero yellow curry, with the tones of cumin and orange of turmeric… A precious portrait of spicy mounds, which will end up in the fantastic tagines of the Morocco cookers.

    There is no Moroccan town that does not have its own spicy corner, so we only have to wander a little and let us carry by our adventurous nose. We will end up against these cones of heady colours and scents.

    Creative Commons Image or Public Domain: Flickr/cliffwilliams

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