• Feast of the Sacrifice in Morocco

    Fiesta del cordero

    The Feast of the Sacrifice is the greatest celebration for Muslims. Over two thousand hundred million followers of the prophet, scattered all over the planet, celebrate the Aid al Adha. In Morocco, this important holiday tradition, becomes an occasion for tourists to learn a little more of one of the most important religions of the world, so close to our community.

    The Saïdia Grand Be Live Hotel can be a wonderful and luxurious base camp that will allow us integrate ourselves and live the two days of festivity in points so attached to the tradition of the Aid al Adha as Oujda, Nador, Tangier, and even the Spanish autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla.

    The date of Feast of the Sacrifice varies. According to the written custom, it must match the tenth day of the lunar calendar of Islam, also called Dhul Hijjah. That day commemorates the faith of Abraham, willing to sacrifice his own son for Allah design. Finally the Koranic God tested Abraham fidelity, changing the sacrifice of Isaac by a lamb.

    The passage of the Koran gives rise to a massive celebration, which the lucky ones celebrate with a trip to Mecca. However, the majority of the faithful ones do it in the privacy of their homes, surrounded by their relatives. Family and friends gather for the slaughter of the animal, that has to be perfect, fulfilling the precepts to be considered halal, so it cannot be sick, or miss any part of its body.

    The animal hangs with his head facing to the Mecca, and after the sacrifice and the mandatory sentence, Moroccans dedicated the first day to a feast with brochettes, lamb couscous and tajine.

    As in the Christian Christmas, children receive gifts, new clothes and shoes, and basically they enjoy a big family party.

    Creative Commons Image: Flickr/TheAnimalDay.org

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    Ana Pérez
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